how the workshop works

Workshop Malerei I Perspektive, Farbe, Komposition
Workshop 06/2012 Teilnehmer ohne Vorkenntnisse

2 days I 6-8 Teilnehmer

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1. day:   basics of artwork

              (exercises respective colour, form, persepective and    


2. day:   design and conversion of an individual subject on/with

              canvas, paper, wood, etc.


You can`t skip weeks, month, years of practice - but: it can be fun and very productive to do all steps of a complete artwork even without any experience when you do it on a low level and consistent. My target is that every student (no matter what level of knowledge) can proudly take home a pile of studies and a complete artwork. It is intensive, demanding but much more satisfying to pass through the whole process instead of doing the paint-by-numbers methode of a random subject.